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[Custom Wired] Latest Arcturus Morningstar [Krews.org]


Staff member
Management Team
Nov 12, 2020
Reaction score
Probably the plugin you'll use most on your hotel, this plugin contains over 35 custom wired for your hotels to use, some of which used to be included in Arcturus by default.

There are optional downloads for this plugin, such as SQLS for the morningstar catalog, as well as furnidata, and custom SWF files for each wired.

Big props to Ridge for designing these! Each Wired included in the plugin, and its developer is listed below.

Please Note: You need Arcturus Morningstar 2.4.0 RC-1 or above to use this plugin, otherwise it will not load.

Download Plugin Source:
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Wired Included

Plus Style Wired: The two wired below are existing Arcturus wired, modified to work like how Plus Emulator does.
  • wf_act_plus_match_furni_state - Matches Furniture to Position and state and height, also allows you to move furniture under users. (ArpyAge)
  • wf_trg_plus_walks_on_furni - The difference between this and the normal one is, if the furniture is moved under a user it triggers this. (ArpyAge)

Custom Wired: Triggers:
  • wf_trg_says_command - Triggers when a user says a command (TheGeneral)
  • wf_trg_idles - Triggers when a user goes AFK automatically or uses the custom :brb command. (TheGeneral)
  • wf_trg_unidles - Triggers when a user comes out of AFK (TheGeneral)
  • wf_trg_starts_dancing - Triggers when a user starts dancing (TheGeneral)
  • wf_trg_stops_dancing - Triggers when a user stops dancing (TheGeneral)

  • wf_act_give_diamonds - Gives a user x amount of diamonds (TheGeneral)
  • wf_act_give_credits - Gives a user x amount of credits (TheGeneral)
  • wf_act_give_duckets - Gives a user x amount of duckets (TheGeneral)
  • wf_act_give_badge - Gives a user x badge (TheGeneral)
  • wf_act_roller_speed - Changes the speed of rollers (TheGeneral)
  • wf_act_open_habbo_pages - Opens x habbopage (TheGeneral)
  • wf_act_give_achievement - Gives a user an achievement
  • wf_act_forward_user - Sends a user to an unlocked/locked/passworded room (TheGeneral + Harmonic)
  • wf_act_remove_furni_inventory - Removes an Item out of a users inventory - Staff Only! (Harmonic)
  • wf_act_send_bubble - Sends x bubblealert message (Harmonic)
  • wf_act_freeze_habbo - Freezes a habbo (Harmonic)
  • wf_act_unfreeze_habbo - Unfreezes a habbo (Harmonic)
  • wf_act_remove_badge - Removes a badge from a users inventory (Harmonic)
  • wf_act_toggle_moodlight - Toggles a moodlight if one is in the room, sets it on or off. (Harmonic)
  • wf_act_raise_furni - Raises Furniture. (TG + Harmonic)
  • wf_act_lower_furni - Lowers Furniture. (TG + Harmonic)

  • wf_cnd_not_battlebz
  • wf_cnd_motto_contains
  • wf_cnd_not_battlebanzai
  • wf_cnd_freeze
  • wf_cnd_not_freeze
  • wf_cnd_habbo_has_rank
  • wf_cnd_habbo_not_rank
  • wf_cnd_not_habbo_has_diamonds
  • wf_cnd_not_habbo_has_credits
  • wf_cnd_not_habbo_has_duckets
  • wf_cnd_habbo_owns_badge
  • wf_cnd_not_habbo_owns_badge
  • wf_cnd_habbo_is_dancing
  • wf_cnd_not_habbo_is_dancing
  • wf_cnd_habbo_not_owns_furni
  • wf_cnd_habbo_owns_furni


Staff member
Management Team
Nov 12, 2020
Reaction score
where are the sql's and stuff at for these?
It was released without SQL's people have to make their furniture that's just how the original creator released them. You can go on a Habbo Retro with the furniture for these Wired and rip it off their hotel to save yourself time.