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[Arcturus] Latest Nitro Imager [Krews.org]


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Management Team
Nov 12, 2020
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Download Link:
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This tool serves as a server-side habbo-imager using the same avatar generator from nitro-renderer. It will download & cache in memory .nitro assets. Rendered figures will also save to a local folder to prevent re-renders. You will use the same process as your nitro-client to update assets for the imager.


You must configure your URLs in config.json

Your figuredata, figuremap, effectmap, & HabboAvatarActions can safely point to a remote URL without worrying about performance.

You should set all download URLs to local absolute paths on your system, this will allow for faster downloading of figures. However, you may point to remote URLs as well.

You must also set an absolute path to a location where rendered figures can save to. This can be a private folder that is not accessible from the web.

Running the server​

Make sure you run npm i before the first use.

You must compile the server by running npm run build

To start the server you must run npm start

The server will run on the desired host & port as set in the config. You must set up a reverse proxy on your server to make the imager publicly accessible.

NGINX Example

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URL parameters​

There are a few different options you may pass as URL parameters to generate figures with different actions. All parameters are optional.

figurenullThe figure string to be rendered
actionnullThe actions to render, see the actions below
gesturestdThe gesture to render, see the gestures below
direction2The direction to render, from 0-7
head_direction2The head direction to render, from 0-7
headonly0A value of 0 or 1
dance0A dance id of 0-4 to render
effect0An effect is to render
sizenThe size to render, see sizes below
frame_num0The frame number to render
img_formatpngA value of png or gif. Gif will render all frames of the figure


You may render multiple actions with a comma separator

Example: &action=wlk,wav,drk=1


stdRenders the standing posture
wlk,mvRenders the walking posture
sitRenders the sitting posture
layRenders the laying posture


wav,waveRenders the waving expression
blowRenders the kissing expression
laughRenders the laughing expression
respectRenders the respectful expression

Carry / Drink​

To hold a certain drink, use an equal separator with the hand item id. You can only render one of these options at a time

crr,criRenders the carry action
drk,useiRenders the drink action


stdRenders the standard gesture
agrRenders the aggravated gesture
sadRenders the sad gesture
smlRenders the smile gesture
srpRenders the surprising gesture


sRenders the small size (0.5)
nRenders the normal size (1)
lRenders the large size (2)

Known Issues​

  • GIFs are only able to render 1-bit alpha channels, therefore most effects will not correctly render due to using many different alpha values.
  • The rendered canvas size may not match Habbos imager exactly, we will hopefully have this addressed soon.