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Section Rules & Information

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Management Team
Nov 12, 2020
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Table of contents:
1. Introduction
2. Section Moderators
3. Global Rules
4. Habbo Sub-Section Rule
6. Closure

Keep in mind that when you break one of the rules, you will receive a warning. When you have got 3 warning points, your account will remain limited until one of these points expire.

If you think a rule is missing or have an idea for a new rule, please contact one of the Section Moderators.

Section Moderators
Currently, the Team Recruitment Section is being moderated by 1 (Senior-)Moderators. at the moment.

If you have any questions that have to do with the Other Server Developments/Advertisements Section, please contact one of them. However, if you see someone breaking a rule, just report the post instead of starting a conversation with one of them.

Global Rules
The following rules apply for the root & all sub-sections. Please bear in mind that also the
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apply here.

Irrelevant Reply's/Constructive Posts
Messages that are really not irrelevant to the topic E.G "K BRB need a drink", "K", "Nice", etc. Again this is considered spam and we will take action against your account with a warning, we try our best to clean our sections as members try to reduce the spam. If this does not apply to you, report the problem.

Use of the Report Button:
If someone posts a thread or a comment not following the rules please do not reply to the thread with comments such as "post more screenies, more details pls" and so forth, there is a report button for a reason, please learn to use it. This doesn't mean you can abuse the report button.

Constructive Criticism:
When replying to a help thread's please give constructive feedback in your post, it would be pointless and not wanted by the person asking for help.

Please always make sure that all links keep inside DevBest and not any other rival forums or such material etc.

Please only post if you are interested in the recruitment or if you're recruiting; If you're inquiring you may post.

Discord linking:
Please let people reply on the thread if they are interested, and start a conversation with the interested party on DevBest. Do not provide links to Discord accounts/servers or usernames - this also counts for other messaging applications.

All threads must be tidy and easy to read including as much information as possible, eg.
  • Domain
  • Payable
  • Vaccines

Please use the appropriate prefixes for your thread.

Please keep in mind that everything that has to do with Recruitment needs to be in this section. For other Habbo Sections, please take a look at the
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. This section includes releases, help & support, advertisements, and more.

The content of this thread can be edited at any time, so make sure you keep track of changes within this thread. Every new rule will be added to the appropriate part of the thread.

Announcements can be added by moderators through a reply to this thread.

Last edited: 11-14-2020

Kind regards,

Team Recruitment Moderation
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