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Section Rules: Habbo Help & Support

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Management Team
Nov 12, 2020
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Help & Support Sub-Section Rules

Before submitting a post/thread please make sure you search the web before asking for help.

Clear Threads:
When posting a support thread, please include as much information as possible. Also, make sure you say what the exact problem is or what you want to have fixed. If possible, always include a screenshot of the problem. Some information that might be required: the CMS you are using, the Emulator you are using, a copy of your external_variables, etc.

Please refrain from posting if you do not wish to help the thread starter as your post is not wanted and useless, any post's in violation of this rule will be moved.

Paid/Private Help:
You are not allowed to offer (or ask) private help. Such things include: help over Teamviewer, help over PM (/conversations), join. me, etc. Make sure you keep everything inside the thread, so it helps future members with the same problems to fix it. When you see someone asking it, don't reply to it and use the report button. Answering such a request also will lead to a warning. Also, paid support is prohibited.

You may not ask anyone to make you a retro. You should read the tutorials in the tutorials section, so you will gain experience and know-how to run the tech-side of a Habbo retro. Additionally, no one will spoon feed you.

Unresolved Threads:
If a thread with a problem isn't resolved, please report the thread for it to be closed. This way you can open a new thread so the problem may get resolved instead of bumping threads.

No-Support Threads:
Threads with questions like "what is a good domain name/hotel name for my new hotel/RP", isn't support. The same counts for asking for download links, search the forums or the web and you will find what you need.

For the full list of rules in all Sections: https://retrotools.xyz/index.php?threads/section-information.16/
For the Global Forum Rules: https://retrotools.xyz/index.php?threads/global-forum-rules.18/#post-31
Not open for further replies.