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[Release] Habflame & Habify RevCMS x AtomHK

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Management Team
Nov 12, 2020
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Hello Everyone,

This Is Not A Dox It Contains CMS But The Reason / History Why It's Being Released & Exposing a Group Of Toxic People Targeting Others To Prevent Others From Being Targeted

This release contains Habflame & Habify CMS remade by me. It's precisely 1:1 to the original and uses the same core as they do.
which works with Nitro Morningstar Arcturus with a clean database provided.

Mostly this is to bring awareness to those victims of his, I will be finishing other features later such as a custom ASE Panel and automatic store system etc.... but for now, it's crucial I get this out to everyone to protect others from these people and stop players from joining their hotel where their data is leaked and used against them such as performing attacks on their internet and creating false allegations on peoples names. This group of people has made plenty of people leave the retro community and being allowed on FindRetros has caused exposure to new people who have left due to not knowing the kind of people they're dealing with and much more.

It also contains their UI theme for their nitro in-game UI client!

Download Links

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Reason Why I Released This Click Here To View docs.google.com
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HabFlame CMS DEMO:

Habify CMS DEMO:


CMS that works on any Arcturus Database (just run the .SQL of the CMS, compatible with Atom HK apparently, Database and everything included)

You will need to install updated ATOM HK from --->
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make sure to follow the whole tut and install the database tables provided from tut for ASE TO WORK

Or open the '' DB FIXES + RetroFiles.NET Read ME.txt '' for more information.

Run query in database to ensure CMS fully works.
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