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Atom HK - A standalone housekeeping


Staff member
Management Team
Nov 12, 2020
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Hi RetroTools 👋

I recently created & released a new CMS named Atom CMS to widen the options for people who want to open their own Habbo retro, which has now led me to create Atom HK 🚀

What is Atom HK?

Atom HK is standalone housekeeping, for your Habbo retro. Standalone means it functions as its own application, rather than being integrated directly into your CMS - This allows you to use it on any CMS you might want, with way less effort, than it would be to convert integrated housekeeping, from one CMS to another.

Atom HK will support Atom CMS straight out of the box, without any modifications done to the housekeeping at all. All it will require is for you to run Atom HK on a subdomain or a totally separate domain, due to it being standalone - as previously mentioned, you might use Atom HK with any CMS of your choice, all you will have to do is to make it match your database structure.

What technologies is Atom HK using?
Atom HK is built with PHP (Laravel) as its backend.

The reason for using Laravel is that it's a battle-tested framework that has been developed for over a decade and it is a framework that is used widely in the real world for large-scale applications.

Laravel also comes with one of the best and most in-depth documentation you can imagine, so whether you're a PHP novice or a PHP expert, you will be able to customize Atom HK, by simply following the Laravel documentation.

For the frontend of things, Atom HK is driven by Bootstrap, and its overall layout is based on the "Icon Panel" template released by @Bop

Where can you find Atom CMS?
Enough of the introduction. I'm sure you just want to get going, so for starters, you'll have to visit the GitHub repository to get your hands on Atom HK.

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Once you've visited the URL above, you can clone Atom HK either by HTTPS or SSH - If you don't know how to clone the CMS, I highly recommend you to learn how, as it is gonna make it a lot easier for you to get new updates without having to implement the changes yourself. If you however just want to download a zipped file containing the housekeeping, you can grab it directly through this link:
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How to setup Atom HK:
Please make sure you read the README or head over to
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which is a site I specifically created for various retro guides. I've spent a ton of time making it detailed, so your life becomes easier when setting it up (The README is also included in the zip file if you chose to just download the HK through without cloning it).

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I've tried to showcase most of the HK in the preview above, but below you'll find a list of what Atom HK offers.
  • Login page
  • Dashboard
  • User management
  • Article management
  • Wordfilter management
  • Ban management
  • Room chatlogs
  • Private chatlogs
  • Website Settings management (For Atom CMS)
  • Hotel IP / ASN whitelist & blacklist (used for atom CMS IP control)
  • Catalog pages management
  • Emulator settings management
  • Emulator text management
  • Detailed activity logging when it comes to HK actions performed
  • A permissions system (housekeeping_permissions DB table)
The future?:
I will continue to work on Atom HK in the future to provide updates and introduce new features like badge upload, furniture management, etc.

Any constructive criticism or advice, in general, is very welcome and much appreciated.

Bug reports:
If you notice any issues with Atom HK please report them directly on this thread, and I'll try to have them solved as soon as possible.

Atom HK is meant to be a community-driven project, this of course means everyone and anybody is welcome to contribute towards Atom HK, making it even better housekeeping.

Keep in mind, that just because it's a community-driven project, it doesn't mean every single feature requested or contributed will be a part of the official repository.

You are of course also allowed to customize Atom HK without contributing to the official repository, and I can't force you to do so, but I'd appreciate it if you keep my credits in the footer ❤️


  • Object - For making the housekeeping
  • Kasja - Helping with design, ideas & GFX
  • Kani - RCON system
  • Bop - for releasing the Icon panel template