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Atom CMS - A Laravel multi-theme CMS


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Management Team
Nov 12, 2020
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Hi RetroTools 👋

Object wanted to give back to this amazing community, so Object thought a CMS would be a great way to do just that & to bring some enjoyment to everyone - This has now led to what is now Atom CMS 🚀

Not only did Object create Atom CMS for you all to enjoy. Object also hopes it can be a breath of fresh air to the CMS scene, where we as a community can continue to improve and contribute towards Atom and bring some life back into being a community!

Live demo:
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Official GitHub repository:
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Official Discord server:
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What technologies is Atom using?

Atom CMS is built with PHP (Laravel) as its backend.

The reason for using Laravel is that it's a battle-tested framework that has been developed for over a decade and it is a framework that is used widely in the real world for large-scale applications.

Laravel also comes with one of the best and most in-depth documentation you can imagine, so whether you're a PHP novice or a PHP expert, you will be able to customize Atom CMS, by simply following the Laravel documentation.

Atom CMS also comes with multi-theme support, making it a breeze to brew up a new theme, whether you choose Bootstrap CSS, Tailwind CSS, or vanilla CSS - the choice is really yours, and you aren't limited to any specific framework when building themes for Atom CMS.

Base theme:
Atom CMS of course comes with an "official" theme for you to enjoy and to get quickly started - The included theme is under continuous development even tho it already includes tons of features✨

The official theme is built with regular Blade as its templating engine and Tailwind CSS to make it beautiful.

The reason we chose to stick with regular Blade is to make it as easy as possible for newcomers to understand the CMS, due to Blade having a clean and understandable syntax - Blade is also what is used within the Laravel documentation when it comes to examples.

The base theme that comes with Atom CMS is fully responsive, meaning it looks beautiful no matter if you're on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone - We want you and your users to have the best experience possible💫

Where can you find Atom CMS?
Enough of the introduction. I'm sure you just want to get going, so for starters, you'll have to visit the
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to get your hands on Atom CMS.

How to setup Atom CMS:
The process of setting up Atom CMS is fairly straightforward, all you have to do is to follow the README provided in the official repository or head to our official documentation guide:
Please, Log in or Register to view URLs content!

I've spent a very long time writing the README & the documentation to give you the smoothest setup possible, so please make sure to go through it carefully before blindly asking for help - If you still struggle after really trying, then feel free to ask for help on this thread or in our official Discord server.

I've listed some of the features that Atom CMS comes with below - I'd recommend checking out the live demo, to get a taste of the CMS yourself 🍻

  • Arcturus Morningstar Emulator support
  • Multi theme support
  • Login & Registration
  • Referral system
  • Language selection
  • Me page
  • Articles
  • Article reactions
  • Staff page
  • Shop page
  • Rules page
  • User settings
  • Password settings
  • Nitro support
  • Findretros API
  • VPN/ASN whitelist & blacklist
  • Maintenance (with staff login)
  • Ban system
  • Hidden staff & ranks
  • Dark mode
  • Login sessions
  • Turbolinks (makes the cms feel like a single-page application)
  • And much more

Bug reports:
Atom CMS is still a fairly new project, meaning it isn't completely flawless, so if you notice any errors, please report them on this thread or within our Discord server, so they can be fixed ASAP.

Atom CMS is meant to be a community-driven project, this of course means everyone and anybody is welcome to contribute towards it, making it an even better CMS.

Keep in mind, that just because it's a community-driven project, it doesn't mean every single feature requested or contributed will be a part of the official repository.

You are of course also allowed to customize Atom CMS without contributing to the official repository. I'd however appreciate it if you kept the original credits ❤️

Where is the housekeeping?
You might have noticed that there's no housekeeping listed. There's a good reason for this and the reason is I've created a standalone housekeeping, that supports Atom CMS out of the box! You can find the housekeeping here: https://retrotools.xyz/index.php?threads/atom-hk-a-standalone-housekeeping.36/

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