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    Custom badges for new hotels (Staff, COTW, ROTW,UOTM)

    These bad boys are sexy!
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    [Release] Morningstar Compatible CMS Full Setup Pack [Fully Updated]

    Hello RetroTools, Today I am releasing a RevCMS that was converted to work with morningstar emu. Also, there are some unreleased morningstar plugins within this release as well... Not going into detail but will post screenshots. I was given this release by a close friend since he said the...
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    [Arcturus] Plugin Tutorial: How to add custom commands

    How to add custom commands to Arcturus This tutorial assumes you've set up the Arcturus plugin environment as described here. In this tutorial, we will be creating a new command and registering it. The command will only send an alert to the triggering Habbo. Step 1: Creating a new java file...
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    Arcturus Plugins Tutorial

    Table of Contents 0: Other tutorials 1: Introduction 2: Prerequisites 3: Configuring IntelliJ 4: Installing Arcturus Emulator 5: Updating Arcturus Emulator[/B] 6: Creating a new plugin project 7: Configuring your plugin 0: Other tutorials How to add custom commands by @The General: [Arcturus]...
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    Section Rules: Tutorials

    Sub-Section Habbo Tutorial rules Linking: - Please ensure that when you are linking (such as Downloads, images, etc) that you keep the links off of areas that may rival RetroTools. You may link to another thread within RetroTools for releases. ScreenShots: - It is requested that you use...
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    RevCMS - Tips & Tricks

    MOST OF THESE TIPS ARE FOR NAVICAT ONLY! There are many tips and tricks for RevCMS but instead of searching your ass off just come here and there's a list full of them - Comment and/or Like my post, please. There are pretty simple and straight forward! Unknown column 'seckey' in 'field list -...
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    Section Rules: Releases

    Sub-Section Habbo Release rules Linking: - Please be sure that your link goes directly to a download or download page. You may not link to a monetary page (E.G adfly). ScreenShots: - In order to showcase what you wish to release, please include a minimum of one screenshot. Replying: - Please...
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    Section Rules: Habbo Help & Support

    Help & Support Sub-Section Rules Searching: Before submitting a post/thread please make sure you search the web before asking for help. Clear Threads: When posting a support thread, please include as much information as possible. Also, make sure you say what the exact problem is or what you...
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    Section Rules: Habbo Graphics

    These rules must be followed at all times, and are subject to every part of Habbo Graphics. Prefixes: Please make sure to select a thread prefix (feedback, request, service) within your title when creating a thread. Constructive Posts (Feedback): Please provide constructive criticism in your...
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    Please Read Before Posting

    Before posting a thread/commenting to a thread, please make sure you have read the information down below to prevent your thread from being closed/not accepted. Moderated Section (/Section Rules) If you want your thread to be accepted, it needs to apply to the Habbo Development section rules...
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    Section Rules: Habbo Development

    Development Sub-Section Rules Downloading Links: When giving a release please make sure you include a working download link, the release is useless without one, and not only that but it can cause spam, by a none working download link your thread will be closed. Constructive Criticism: Habbo...
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    Recruiting test

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    Section Rules & Information

    Introduction Table of contents: 1. Introduction 2. Section Moderators 3. Global Rules 4. Habbo Sub-Section Rule 6. Closure Keep in mind that when you break one of the rules, you will receive a warning. When you have got 3 warning points, your account will remain limited until one of these...
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    Global Forum Rules

    RetroRools.XYZ Global Forum Rules These rules must be followed at all times, and are subject to every forum on retrotools.xyz Account Sharing Please refrain from sharing your account with other individuals. We want all accounts to be secure, and not subject to other's trust, etc...
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    Section Rules: Advertisements

    Updated Rule. From now all screenshots must be embedded onto the thread & must not lead elsewhere. New Rule. If the thread has any content copied from another advertisement, the thread will be deleted or will not be approved. New Rule. Structure: - You must provide information about...
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    Section Rules: Advertisements

    Sub-Section Habbo Advertisement Rules Linking: - Please make your hotel link clearly visible in your thread. Your hotel link must link directly to your hotel. Structure: - You must provide information about your hotel, when did you open it? is it your first hotel? what makes you different? why...
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    Section Information

    Introduction This is a nice information thread to inform you on the section's moderation team and rule updates. It also contains links to each sub-section' rules. If you think some rule is missing or have an idea for a new rule, please contact one of the Section Moderators. Section Moderators...
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    Moderator Applications

    Well, I feel that at this time that we can add a few members to our team. Therefore, I am opening moderator applications. Please fill out the application below exactly as-is: Once you have filled it out, please send it to @RetroPlug via PM.
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    Welcome To The Forums!

    Seeing that New Year is almost here, and I will have time to dedicate towards the forums, The main goal of opening the forums is to simply bring the community together, and provide a unique atmosphere. The forums will be based around Habbo Retro Content and helping you manage your Habbo Hotel...
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